Where to buy beard oil? Find country’s top ten specialty stores

Growing a beard is trending like crazy these days, well let me warn you beforehand. It’s not that easy to grow one. You will have to take care of your beard just like your hair on your head. You will have to apply oil daily, wash it with shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis, use a proper beard comb, etc. When you decide that you are going to grow a beard, you are taking a responsibility and if you do it well – you will have an awesome beard which will make you look dashing.

One of the most important things is beard oil in the whole beard grooming process. Let’s find out where we can find the best beard oil online. Before we start I would recommend you to read this – The complete guide to beard oil, it explains you what beard oil is made up and what does it do to your beard scientifically.

It will help you in deciding which beard oil to choose as per your personal taste, without it you won’t be able to shop your beard oil properly because you won’t know what you are getting in to. And in this guide you will able to find out where to buy beard oil from.

I hope you have gone through the guide and by now you know the basic ingredients that constitutes the beard oil.

But where to buy beard oil from? Let's find out.

#1 Beard Brand

It is one of the biggest beard companies right now. Recently they were featured on Shark Tank.

They have got a wide variety of beard oils available on their site. Apart from that they also have other beard related products like beard comb, wax, conditioner, scissors, brush, etc.

The bestselling product of Beardbrand is their grooming kit – it includes every single beard product you will need right from oil to scissors and everything in between.

#2 Amish Beard Care A.K.A Honest Amish

It is a very popular beard niche company situated in Pennsylvania. The roots of the company is to provide their customers the best quality product made from all natural ingredients without using any kind of chemicals or preservatives at all.

They create their original recipes, hand make the products and never use plastic to contain the product. You get a really high quality and ecofriendly product from this brand.

#3 Badass Beard Care

It is a company started by a 9/11 veteran. He had served the survivors of 9/11 for a long time.

After that he started his beard journey but couldn’t find any good beard oils in the market at that time, he decided to create his own beard products.

And since then he had created an awesome company with a variety of beard oils and related products. Now Badass Beard Care has become one of the best beard companies in the industry.

#4 Can You Handle Bar

It was established in 2012 and since then they are creating beard related products. Their best selling product is the Wisdom beard oil. You can call this a specialty beard store where you can find really excellent products, which not only smells good but performs in an excellent manner too.

#5 Smooth Vikings

It was founded in 2014 and has in a very short became one of our favorite companies. To be counted in the group of elite companies in the beard industry you need to do these three things 100% perfectly –

  • All ingredients should be 100% natural
  • All products should not only provide style to your beard but also nourish it and make it better
  • You need to create a perfect blend or recipe for beard oils and balms, so that on one hand it smells awesome and on the other hand it provides you the most nourishment benefits.

And guess what since 2014, Smooth Viking is doing exactly these things. This is why their brand is now become one of the top ten companies in the beard industry in such a short time.

#6 Wild Willies

It’s a brand popular for its beard balm. They create really good balms as well as oils, but not many people know this. One thing different about this company is that they create very manly products, most of their products would have very woody scent to it. This is what makes their products more demanding.

#7 Detroit Grooming Co.

It’s a premium beard care brand. Their most popular product is beard balm. But they also have good beard oils, they have a wide variety of oils available on their store.

#8 Texas Beard Company

It’s a premium beard care brand. Their most popular product is beard balm. But they also have good beard oils, they have a wide variety of oils available on their store.

#9 Beard King

Beard King was recently featured on Shark Tank for their extremely funny yet innovate product – Beard Bib. Just have a look at the picture below and you will easily get the idea of the product. Apart from that, they also have premium beard oils and care products.

#10 The Bearded Bastard

It was founded in 2011 by Jeremiah Newton. He just wanted to create a simple brand that creates all natural beard care products, at that time most of the products were mass produced using synthetic petroleum and likewise ingredients. It was hard to find out the best quality beard oils at that time, this is what inspired him to create an all-natural brand.

These were the top ten brands from to buy beard oil. These are country's best brands.

Where to buy beard oil at the best price and quality?

  1. Shipping Cost – Most of them would have an extra shipping cost of around $5 for small orders. While buying a beard oil of $15 or $20 and paying $5 for shipping extra doesn’t makes much sense, it increases the cost by 25% to 30%. There are two ways you can solve this – first buy in quantity, they will offer free shipping for orders above $30 to $40; secondly you can go on sites like Amazon – here you can get discount on shipping cost.
  2. Do your due diligence – Here we have listed only a few of the beard care brands. There are literally tons of companies out there and some of them are creepy. Do your due diligence and research before ordering, it will save you money and time. I would recommend sticking to these ten brands as they are the best in the industry and I am sure that you would find at least one brand that totally resonates with your personal requirements.


I hope you find your beard oil. Beard grooming is a long journey, you will have to work hard and be persistent to achieve great beard. Thanks for reading and if you know some other cool beard brands, please let us know in the comments section below.

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