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How To Soften Your Beard Naturally?

Are you having a bad time with your rough beard? You are in the right place. Here we are going to share with you four tried and tested ways to make your beard softer.

Having a soft beard will make your more presentable and a little bit more handsome. Using these tips will not only make your beard softer but also healthier.

A full grown rough beard will give you a look of a hipster, where as a full grown soft beard will completely change your personality.

If you are in the beard game for long term, then this is one of those things you need to learn and do for sure.

Before diving in to the tips let’s first see what actually causes rough beard.

Causes of Rough Beard

Rough beard is mainly caused due to not taking proper care of your beard, split ends, dry beard, etc. If you take proper care and follow the tips you can easily get a softer beard.

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Split Ends – Split ends in beard is widely common, hundreds of people are experiencing it. Split ends are caused by dryness in your beard. As your beard gets frayed it becomes kind of rough. So, to make your beard soft you first need to cure split ends.

Dry Beard – Dry beard is the root cause to many beard problems like beard ruff, split ends, rough beard, etc. It is a very common problem and there’s a really simple solution to it – Start using a beard oil as soon as possible.

How to Make Your Beard Soft?

Beard grooming is a very simple process, if done in the right way. But it really easily becomes extremely complex if you don’t have the proper knowledge and direction. Don’t worry, after reading this article you will be in the perfect direction for not only making your beard softer but also to improve your beard grooming process.


Using a Boar’s Beard Brush

Most of the people are using their hair comb for styling and detangling their beard and it’s a terrible mistake. It’s not only harming your beard but also damaging your facial skin. Instead we recommend you to use a beard brush which is made out of boar’s bristles.

Boar’s bristles are considered as the golden standard when it comes to beard brushes. These bristles contains a similar oil to sebum oil which helps in hydrating our beard and making it soft. The natural oils in these bristles helps in evenly distributing the sebum oil or beard oil throughout the beard. They also helps in removing dirt and impurities too.

Just keep in mind that, you are never supposed to use those cheap plastic brushes or combs on your beard. They can do permanent damage to your beard.


Using Beard Shampoo

Using a beard wash should be a part of your daily routine in the morning. Beard wash or shampoo helps in cleaning your beard inside out without stripping off the extremely necessary sebum oil. Your beard will become harder day by day due to the collection of dirt over a period of time. If you are using a beard straightener then it is highly advised to use beard shampoo very often.

It’s highly recommended to wash your beard with beard shampoo, to clean your beard. In this way all the impurities and dirt will be removed. And every time you wash the beard, the beard follicles gets hydrated which makes them soft.


Beard Oil – The Best & Most Popular Way

Source: http://www.newhealthadvisor.com/Essential-Oils-for-Hair-Growth.html

The number one reason for rough beard is the dehydration of your beard. Our body has natural sebaceous glands which produces sebum oil that hydrates and moisturizes our beard naturally. But the problem is that these glands are finite unlike our beard follicles.

As our beard grows the requirement of the sebum oil increases, but as these glands are finite they are not able to provide necessary oil. So due to the lack of sebum oil our beard gets dried and dehydrated. The best solution for this problem is to use a beard oil.

Beard oil is made up of two main ingredients – essential oils and carrier oils. These ingredients are all natural and organic. Carrier oils such as jojoba oil, Argan oil, etc. are used in most of the beard oils. They are sourced naturally from nuts and flowers and possess terrific moisturizing properties. So, applying a beard oil on a regular basis will make your beard insanely soft in a short period of time.


Beard Balm – Best Beard Oil Alternative

Beard balm is also a really great tool for moisturizing your beard and softening it at the same time. Choosing between beard oil and balm is quite tricky, but the benefits are quite similar. The only major difference is the styling part, beard balm is more used for styling.

Beard balm has more holding power than oil and that’s its suggested more often for styling purpose. But for making your beard soft, beard balm is as good as beard oil. It will work just fine, so pick either of these which you are more comfortable with.


Hence, these was the overall guide to make your beard soft. As you start growing your beard you will experience rough beard at one stage or other. But if you start using a beard oil or balm, beard wash and beard brush regularly. It’s not that hard to make your beard soft and fluffy.