6 Ways to Treat Patchy Beard (One of them is a nuclear bomb)

Patchy beard is a very common phenomena. Most of the guys have it and let me tell you, it’s really frustrating. When you are in the initial stage of your beard growing process, these patches makes doesn’t look good on your face.

What causes patchy beard?

There are many reasons that can cause patches in your beard, and it’s completely different from person to person. It depends on various factors like nutrition, genes, taking care of your beard, etc.

One of the more prominent reasons seen in many people is the lack of the blood flow in the cheeks. The fact is that the blood flow is less in the cheeks area as compared to the upper lip and the chin. Resulting in less nutrients for the beard follicles causing patches in that area.

Beard patches can also cause due to low level of androgens (male sex hormones like testosterone). Androgens are responsible for hair growth on your body. People with low levels of androgens generally have symptoms like thin hair, growth of facial hair on just mustache and chin area, etc.

How to fix beard patches?

Let me first tell you that it’s completely possible to fix beard patches. You can grow a full beard even if you have the worst beard patches. There are many natural and allopathic ways of treating this problem. Let’s now discuss each of them in detail with action packed steps to follow right now.

Facial Hair Transplant

Hell No!

#1 – Improve your diet

Proper nutrition is the one of the most vital things for growing a full beard. Hair follicles and nails are the fastest growing cells in the human body and they eat up a lot of proteins. If you do provide them with lots of protein to consume, you will have faster hair growth (all over your body) and a well-nourished beard.

The best foods for growing beard are those with ample protein and vitamin B. You can start consuming legumes which are rich in proteins, nuts – walnuts, pistachio, cashewnut, etc. For getting proper vitamin B, the best sources are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, etc. The best for our beard is the dark leafy greens, papayas, oranges, etc.

Taking proper nutrition will definitely increase the growth of your beard and decrease those ugly patches for sure.

#2 – Beard Oil

Beard oil is a very crucial part of the whole beard grooming process. It not only helps in fixing beard patches but also helps in reducing dry beard and nourish it as well.

Beard oil is made up of carrier and essential oils which are naturally derived. Most of the best beard oils are made up of natural and organic carrier oils like argan oil, jojoba oil, etc. These oils are really good for your skin and beard follicles. They not only hydrate your skin but also promotes the growth of beard follicles.

Applying beard oil each day after shower will make your beard thicker and fuller. Which will in return fill up those beard patches over a period of time. Let me tell you honestly, it will not happen overnight. But if you apply beard oil on a regular basis, you will definitely see positive results.

#3 Beard Balm

Beard balm is as good as beard oil. But the consistency and the state of these two products are different. Beard balm has a solid state and a waxy consistency whereas beard oil is in liquid state and has an oily consistency. So, it depends upon your personal preference to choose between these two.

Beard balm is made up of carrier oils, essential oils, butter and wax. Butter and wax are the only two ingredients which differentiate beard balm from beard oil. Most of the balms in the market contains natural butter like shea butter and natural wax like bees wax.

Shea butter and bees wax are really good for your beard. The overall impact of applying beard balm will be really good. After applying it on a regular basis you will have a thicker and healthy beard. But the key is to apply it regularly.

In this way, you can fight against beard patches using beard balm. But it’s not an exhaustive solution, you cannot just depend on beard balm or oil. You will have to do other things with these, which I am discussing below.

#4 Brushing

Source : http://www.mensjournal.com/expert-advice/the-only-58-grooming-tips-you-ll-ever-need-20150923/brush-your-beard

Using a beard brush will totally change your beard game. “Beard brush” are made specifically for men’s facial hair, they are designed to grow your beard. The best beard brush would be the one with boar’s bristle.

These bristles contains sebum oil, which is generated naturally by your hair glands. Sebum oil helps in moisturizing the beard and also important in growing beard follicles. So if you are not able to get the oil in some areas of your beard, then it might cause beard patches.

These boar’s beard brush helps in spreading the applied product whether it is beard oil or balm to spread evenly throughout the beard. And as it contains sebum oil itself, it does a terrific job at capturing the beard oil or balm and spreading it.

Action step 1 Improve your diet. Start taking more dark green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Action step 2 – Start using beard oil or balm (as per your personal preference) each day after show.

Action step 3 – Use beard brush to spread it evenly daily.

Focus more on the areas with patches to recover them quickly. Following these steps, over a short period of time you will definitely see positive results.

#5 – Micro Needing

It is mostly used by women to soothe out wrinkles and prevent acne. Basically micro needing is done by rollers which have micro needles in it. You have to roll the needles on your face – (they don’t hurt as they are so little). Then your face will recognize the damage and start the healing process. As a result your blood circulation in that area will improve and also you will receive more nutrients in that specified area. Also it’s been scientifically proven.

The best roller for this job is Derma Roller. It is the best roller for facial problems used widely by women. And this is perfect for our beard. Using this roller one to two times a week on your beard patches will surely get you positive results. A quick note – Select the roller with 0.50 mm needle size, as its perfect for fixing beard patches.

#6 – Minoxidil (Pretty Effective)

You may not have heard of the term Minoxidil before, but you must have heard about Rogaine. Rogaine is a brand that provides the product which contains the active ingredient Minoxidil. It actually works and is approved by FDA.

There are many brands that sells Minoxidil, but Rogaine is the most popular as it was the first one to bring it to the market. And that’s the reason it’s a little bit expensive than the other brands. But you can definitely use other brands that contains the same amount of Minoxidil as found in the Rogaine around 2 – 5 % is just fine.

The usage is pretty simple. It comes in a liquid form, and you have to apply it directly to area where you have beard patches. It will slowly stimulate hair growth in that area and you will start seeing thicker hair soon.

The best two brands for Minoxidil are Rogaine and Kirkland. Rogaine sells it in a foam form, but its way too expensive. Rogaine sells it for around $7.5 / ounce whereas Kirkland is selling it for around $2.10 / ounce. Hence, I would recommend going for Kirkland. The package costs that around $25 would come in 6 bottles of 2 ounces each and will last you six months.

Action Step 1 – Apply Kirkland daily two times. Once in the morning after shower and once at night.

Action Step 2 – After applying Kirkland, use the roller to soothe your skin. It will multiply the effect of Minoxidil as it will get absorbed in to your beard follicles to a greater extent.

Doing this regularly, you will have positive results in a month.


Hence, in this way by following these tips you can fix your patchy beard. It’s not that hard to fix these patches.

Today we learned that:

Everyone has beard patches,

But you fix them for sure.

The best ways to fix them are:

Firstly by improving your diet,

Using beard oil or balm in conjunction with beard brush,

Using a micro needle roller with Minoxidil.

Follow these tips and let me know your results in the comments section below.

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