Find the Best Beard Comb to Style Your Beard

Yes, beard comb exists. It’s a very crucial part of the whole beard grooming process. It makes grooming simple and helps in clearing knots and tangles. It distributes the beard oil, which in turn stimulates the beard follicles and it helps in growing an awesome healthy beard.

There are many types of combs available in the market made up of bones, horns or materials like wood, plastic or metal. But the best beard combs uses rubber or wood.

Now let's review the three Best Beard Combs​

​Kent Men’s handmade comb (Set of 3 Combs)

best beard comb

G B Kent & Sons Ltd was setup in 1777, since the last 200 years they are hand making brushes. They source their bristles from India and China – the hub for the world’s finest bristle brushes. Their factory is located at Aspley (village in England), this is the place where they even today make some of their combs and brushes with hand.

This set of 3 brushes are geared towards facial hair and crafted by hands in their factory. It has smooth teeth which helps in spreading the beard oil and sebum oil (naturally generated by your skin) in to your hair.

The process of creating this combs involves saw cutting tortoiseshell effect material in to the shape of comb. Then they are hand polished by special artisans in their factory and at last they are buffed at the edges to create the special soft rounded teeth, which will spread the oils evenly without damaging your hair.

There are three combs in this package –

  1. 81T which is of 73mm – It’s a pocket size comb made specifically for mustache and beard. Its fine toothed design will make combing mustache a new kind of pleasure. This is one is specifically made for grooming and maintaining beard, hence you are getting a tailed solution for your beard needs.
  2. FOT which is of 113mm – It’s also a pocket comb, a little bit bigger and the space between the teeth is more compared to 81T. It’s useful when you are in 1-1.5 months of growing the beard, at this point of time your beard is somewhat grown and the fine toothed comb will not be an ideal choice.
  3. R7T which is of 143mm – Alas, it’s also a pocket comb. The main difference here is that this comb has got a combination of coarse and fine tooth. Hence, whether you want to just remove the tangles or knots or you want to properly style your beard - you are good to go with either part of the brush.



  • Bristles sourced from India and China. 
  • Hand made in England
  • Made specifically for beard
  • Sawcut technique used - Gold standard for beard combs


  • Size is Small - Just take a look at the image above. The smallest comb is very small. But perfect for mustache and beard. Though some people might have a problem with the size.

Final Verdict - Must Buy

The final verdict is - Must Buy. But still think twice on the size angle, as this might irritate you after wards. Other than that this is the one of the best beard combs out there.

Dual Action Beard Comb by Huntsman Beard Co.

It is a double sided pocket comb made up of wood which comes with a leather sleeve and a wooden box and costs just under $15.

The dual action name itself defines the comb, it has got two types of teeth. Coarse teeth on one and fine teeth on the other. Whether you have thick beard of thin beard you are good to go with either of the teeth.

As wood is used in creating the comb, it has got a unique sandalwood scent. Every time you comb the scent lights up your beard. The static problems that we have with the plastic combs are gone, as the wood doesn’t possess any static power, hence no snags or pull from now on.

The durability is guaranteed as the structure is made up of wood. The good point is that it is specifically made thicker to make it more durable, to withstand your daily use.


  • No Snagging as it is made out of wood.
  • Two types of teeth
  • ​Complementary leather sleeve
  • Sandalwood Scent lights up your beard every time you comb


  • Nothing at all

Final Verdict

The final verdict is it's a great purchase. It's made out of thick wood which will last long. You won't have any snagging problem, you've got two types of teeth and a pleasant sandalwood scent. Hence this is the best beard comb for travelers and people on the go.

Leven Rose Beard Comb

Leven Rose is a young premium beauty product company. They only produces 100% organic products and currently are #1 Beard oil manufacturer in the market. One of the cool things about them is that they never test any of their products on animals (I just felt in love with this company after hearing this). It makes them one of the few leaders who are really thinking about being organic and stop animal harm in the beauty industry.

Leven rose beard comb is made up of bamboo wood. It has wider teeth and curved handle. Its design is quite unique and good looking as compared to other wooden combs in the market.

When we look at the overall design of the comb - From the functionality perspective it’s not ideal but from the design perspective it’s quite good looking. As the comb have wider teeth the people with thin beard or subtle beard will not be able to use it.

But on the flip it’s a perfect pick for men with long beard. They will not be able to find a better comb than this. The wider teeth for them will work awesome.

Another advantage that we have in all wooden combs is here also – No snagging at all. The comb is made up of bamboo which is an anti static material, hence it would make combing your beard way too easy and smooth.

This comb comes with a 100% money back guarantee, if you don’t like the product. Just send a quick email to them they will reverse pickup the product and refund the money without asking any questions.


  • Made out of Bamboo hence no snagging at all.
  • Perfect for people with long and thick beard.
  • Designer piece – From the design perspective it looks luxuriously designed.


  • No small teeth – Hence useless for people with short, thin and subtle beard.
  • No Carrying case – You don’t get a carrying case with it.

Final Verdict - For long beards only

It's a piece of art crafted out of bamboo but with wide teeth. Only for the people with long and thick beard. Hence this is the best beard comb for people with long beards.


Hence this was a detailed guide for helping you find the best beard comb as per your personal needs. Now I have one task for you, tell me your favorite beard comb in the comments section below.

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