Find The Best Beard Brush to Clean and Style your Beard

As the beard industry is growing bigger and bigger many new companies have started popping. They are creating crappy cheap products just to keep up with the trend.

But when you are in the market looking for the best beard brush for your lovely beard, you don’t want to waste four to five hours just for researching. So, to make it easy for you we have created this list of best three beard brush in the market from well reputed brands after researching for more than 10 hours.

Smooth Viking Beard Brush

Smooth Viking is specialty beard Care Company founded in 2014. It’s a company with a wide modern approach, which clearly reflects in their extremely modern products.

Their beard brush is one of the best sellers on Amazon, it has got 4.5 star rating out of 307 reviews. This clearly states that it is being loved by hundreds of people.

The bristles of this brush is made out of black wild boar, and contains no synthetic bristles at all. It’s made 100% out of boar’s bristles, hence no tension of getting your skin underneath the beard irritated or detaching your beard.

It is made with tough bristles to help you in untangling even the hardest knots and clearing dust and dirt at the same time. Every time you brush the beard it will become completely clean and untangled.

The size of the brush is really small, it will fit it in your palm easily. This makes it very portable, you can carry it easily in your bag anywhere to gym, office, etc.


  • Tough Boars Bristles – It will help in untangling beard and cleaning dust and dirt.
  • Small and portable – You can call it a pocket beard brush, it’s small and portable. Extremely easy to carry around.
  • Wooden Handle – It gives it a luxurious look and it feels premium while holding.


  • Less density – I’m not going to lie, it’s a deal breaker. Each bunch of hairs in this brush has less bristles in it than an average brush have. This could only be problematic to people with very short beard, they will not be able to clean it properly.
  • No Carrying case – It’s kind of funny – It highly portable but you don’t get a carrying case with it.

Final Verdict

Hence this was the overall review of the Smooth Viking Beard Brush, my final though on this is – if you want a simple but at the same time premium and portable this is best beard brush for you.

Liberty Premium Grooming Co. Beard Brush

It is one of the best beard brushes in the market. It’s a little bit expensive than the average, but totally worth it. It’s around $25 on amazon.

It’s made out 100% boar’s bristles, they are good for your beard. As they have a natural tendency to absorb and distribute natural and beard oils. It does not at all contain any plastic or vinyl bristles that could easily do permanent damage to your beard.

The handle in the brush is as important as the bristles, if the handle is not doing a good job at holding the bristles in the long term. Then even if you get the world’s best bristles but pair them with a bad handle, in the long term it will start falling apart.

The handle in this brush is made out of European Beech wood – a premium timber used in making premium sculptures. Hence the handle with last long and the bristles will be held intact for a really long time.

You also get a bonus cleaning comb with this brush, though it’s a simple one. I don’t recommend using it at all. You also get a money back guarantee, if you by any chance don’t like the product, you will get your money back – no questions asked.


  • Boars Bristles – Good at distributing oil and balm to each and every beard follicles.
  • Wooden Handle – It looks extremely sexy and premium. And the quality is good which will last long.


  • Size is big – As compared to other brushes in the market, it’s quite big. If you look at other’s they almost fit in the palm of your hand. But it’s big. Still it doesn’t affects the brush’s function at all. It’s just not portable.
  • Bristles are soft – If you have very curly beard which is often getting highly tangled. Then it would become quite difficult for you to get it untangled.

Final Verdict

Hence this was the overall review, in short this is a really awesome beard brush. The only con here is it’s bulky, if you are just going to use it in your bathroom and not carrying around. Then this is the best beard brush for you.

Rugged Beard Brush - The best beard brush!

It’s a compact beard brush made up of wooden handle and 100% boar’s bristles. By now you must have understood that here at Dashing Gent we are huge proponents of boar’s bristles, we are just fond of their benefits.

It’s a very tiny beard brush but does it job exceptionally well making it a perfect choice for avid travelers. When you use this brush with beard oil or balm it will help in spreading the product across the beard in an exceptional way, not a single hair will be left out.

The bristles are firm and not that soft, making it the perfect the choice for Beard man. The firm bristles helps in cleaning beard, it enhances the use of beard oil or balm, it promotes thicker beard and softens it.


  • Compact – I just love the size of the brush, it’s compact and fully functional. It doesn’t sacrifice on any elements and still this compact. If you use a brush on the go, then you have got a winner.
  • Firm Boars Bristles – Helps in cleaning and untangling the beard.
  • Wooden handle – Assures longevity of the brush, it states that the bristles will not fall out in short term. 
  • Carrying Case – its compact and comes with a carrying case, how cool is that. You can carry it easily anywhere with its amazing travel tin container.


  • Nothing at all.

Final Verdict

Hence, this was the overall review. If you are using beard brushes on the go then this is the perfect choice for you. As this beard brush has got firm bristles, comes with a wooden handle, a carrying case and is compact. It's the best beard brush for travelers.


After reading this article, I hope you are able to find out the best beard brush for you. Thanks for reading the article, if you have any questions you can ask in the comments section below.

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