Best Beard Balm To Grow A Breathtaking Beard in 3 Months

Beard balm is made by mixing wax, butter, essential and carrier oils. It is mostly used in styling beard and making it shiny. As it contains butter and wax it helps in moisturizing the beard and also sealing in the moisture for the day. Using the best beard balm will help you in the overall nourishment of your beard.

Benefits of using best beard balm:

  • Helps in growing beard
  • Reduces beardruff
  • Reduces beard itch
  • Helps in nourishing and moisturizing your beard
  • Makes your skin flawless and young
  • Reduces split ends
  • The essential oils present in it will make your smell awesome
  • Helps in styling and making the beard soft and fluffy

This was a brief introduction to beard balm, I have created a very detailed article on how beard balm is made and what ingredients are used, and you can check it out here.

What to look for when selecting best beard balm?

You need to look at the following five things when selecting the beard balm, and I guarantee that you will find the best one according to your personal choice and preferences.

  1. Essential Oils – These are the oils which will add scent in to the balm. It will design the overall personality of the balm. This is the most important factor while selecting the best beard balm, make sure that the balm you select have the oils of the scents you like.
    Some of the most popular essential oils are rosemary, cannabis, tobacco, tea tree, etc.
  2. Ingredients – There are hundreds of beard balms out there are thousands of ingredients used in manufacturing of these balms. All you have to do is to find the balm that is all natural and contains no chemicals.
    This is prevent you from any reactions of chemicals if you have any kind of allergies. And most of the top balms in the market right now are all natural only.
  3. Container Material – In layman’s language the manufacturing and packaging process of beard balm is pretty simple. First of all they melt all the ingredients and place the hot melted mixture in empty containers and sell them.
    The point here is that if they are using plastic containers then, there are chances that the particles of plastic might get melt with the balm. Hence, we would like to avoid any kind of plastic container and always go for the aluminum or steel containers as they are the best material known for beard balms.
  4. Balm Size – These balms comes in various amounts like 30ml, 60ml or even 120ml. I would recommend you always go for the smallest size available.
    You only need a small pea size amount daily to style your beard, so it will last for a long time even if you go for the smallest version. And if you go for the heavy duty (120ml) than you will have to use for way too long period and chances are that you will get bored after some time and anyways get a new one. In short, the smallest one like 1 ounce or 30ml is the most recommended.
  5. Price – It is totally dependent upon your personal budget. But most of the balms in the market are in $10 - $20 range. So if you are finding some $100 balm too awesome, you better ignore it. Because they are charging way too much.

Top three best beard balm in the country

#1​ Virtu beard balm by Liberty Grooming & Co.

It’s a premium beard balm by Liberty Grooming and Co. They just cater to the beards men industry and of course their main product and most popular product is beard balm. This Virtu beard balm is handcrafted is USA.

The main ingredients of the balm are Shea butter, Bees wax, Babassu oil, Argan oil, Coconut oil, Eucalyptus and Essential oils. The ingredients used in preparing this balm like Shea butter and Bees wax are all natural.

They have created an unmatched blend with using the exact required amount of bees wax and oils. It gives you really good hold, but doesn’t makes your beard stiff.

The scent of the balm is very subtle, it’s not too strong. It’s just a subtle manliness scent, but will last only a few hours.

The best thing about this balm is it makes your beard softer and fluffy. Only a small pea size is enough to make the beard ready for the day. Actually the oils present in the balm helps in making the beard stronger, softer and will grow your beard.

If you have dry skin than this is really good choice for you, shea butter present in the balm helps in moisturizing your skin to a new level. Beeswax contains huge amount of vitamin A which will not only nourish and moisturize but also lock in the moisture for the day.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Life time refund guarantee
  • Softens beard
  • Helps in growth and nourishment
  • Moisturize your beard
  • Made in USA
  • 100% Vegan


  • Scent is very subtle and not strong at all, will last only a couple of hours
  • The consistency of the balm is not that smooth, you will have to rub for a little time to melt it.

Final Verdict

Overall Rating

Virtu beard balm is one of the best beard balms in the country. It is made out of all natural ingredients like Shea butter, Beeswax, etc. But only selecting the best ingredients doesn't do the job, you have to create an unmatched blend to stand out. And these guys have nailed that perfect blend. 

It has got a very subtle scent. It uses a lot of Shea butter, best for people with dry skin. 

Hence the final verdict is that you can buy this beard balm worry free. Its one of the best beard balm out there and Handmade in USA.

#2 Beard butter by Wild Willies

Wild willies is a company established in 2015 which manufactures only all natural products. They only cater to beards men industry, hence we are assured that the products are created by experts.

The ingredients of the balm are Shea butter, Yellow (unrefined) beeswax, sweet almond oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, argan oil, Emu oil, tamanu oil, Vitamin E, tea tree oil, Cedarwood and rosemary oil. These ingredients are found on the back of the beard balm.

The scent of the balm is really good, it has a very manly scent which will last at least for like 3-4 hours.

They are hand making it in the USA just like the old days. The good part is that they are not using any chemicals, colorant, fragrance or preservatives. It’s all natural and safe to use for anybody.

Beard butter balm contains more proportion of butter than usual balms in the market. This helps in making the beard softer, stronger and healthier. It also helps in growing the beard faster. It will reduce beard itch, beard ruff, irritations and split ends. Though it’s not just the butter, but all the ingredients like all the carrier oils, shea butter and beeswax in total helps in getting us an awesome fluffy beard.

There’s one thing which you vegans out there will not like, it does contains emu oil which is extracted from the fat of emu. If you are vegan you can totally avoid this balm and have a look at the other top options I have listed here.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Pretty decent manly scent – lasts 3-4 hours
  • High quantities of butter – helps in moisturizing
  • Makes beard stronger, healthier and softer and fluffy
  • Beard grows faster
  • Reduces beard itch, dandruff, split ends and irritations
  • Handmade in USA


  • Not Vegan – contains emu oil
  • This comes in 0.5 Ounce version also which is too small. Go for the 2 Ounce version always.

Final Verdict

Overall Rating

As the name suggests it has a high proportion of butter in it's blend. Which makes it an ideal choice for people with dry skin, beard ruff, beard itch, etc. It will substantially decrease their beard and skin problems. 

It's all natural and hand made in USA. But it does contain EMU oil which is derived from an animal called EMU. All the vegans should avoid this. But apart from that it's one of the best beard balm. Must buy.

#3 Beard balm by Beard Balm LLC

Beard Balm LLC was established in 2009 and their main and most awesome product is beard balm. They have actually trademarked the term Beard Balm.

The ingredients of the balm are Grape Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Lanolin, Beeswax, Lemon Peel Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Geranium Oil.

The scent of the balm is very good. It’s more lemony based. This balm is made with all natural ingredients and contains no preservatives or chemicals at all.

The all natural ingredients help in making the beard stronger and softer. It also helps in reducing dry beard, beard itch and split ends.

It is handmade is Detroit and hence the quality of the product is awesome.


  • Makes your beard softer and smooth
  • Have a decent smell lemony scent which will last for a long time
  • All natural ingredients
  • Reduces beard itch and split ends


  • A little bit more greasy texture, though it will only feel greasy if you apply way too much balm on one go.

Final Verdict

Overall Rating

Beard Balm LLC were one of the first companies to start selling their best beard balm online. They are huge proponents of quality over quantity. They believe in providing their customers world's best quality product.

Hence they are selecting the ingredients from world's best sources and then hand-making it in Detroit, USA. Hence it's a really good purchase from an exceptionally well reputed brand.


Hope you like our best beard balm article and found the best beard balm you love. Now here’s one thing that I would like you to do, share the beard balm that you have tried and loved in the comments section below. That will help a lot of people while selecting their beard balm.

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