How to Cure Beard Split Ends? 6 Ways To Cure it Right Now

Beard split ends are very normal. They have been occurring to every man with a beard since the beginning of mankind. They are very common and going to occur naturally. But the worst is that they can spread wildly, which will make your whole beard look devastating and unhealthy. To not let that happen you need to cure those devastating split ends as they occur and not give them the time to grow bigger or spread.

What are beard split ends actually?


Beard split end is a beard follicle whose tip has been split up in to two or more parts. They are scientifically called Trichoptilosis. It causes the hair to become rough and sharp, in return giving you a lot of irritation and itchiness.

What causes beard split ends?

Beard split ends can be caused due to a variety of reasons like dry beard, dyeing beard, blow drying beard, using regular shampoos including chemicals, dietary restrictions, etc. Let’s discuss these causes in detail.

#1. Dry Beard

Dry beard mostly causes due to lack of sebum oil. Sebum oil is produced naturally in your body by sebaceous glands for your face, it’s not meant for beard. As you start growing beard it will require more and more sebum oil to be hydrated, but the production of sebum oil is finite. As a result your beard will not get properly hydrated which makes it dry. Dry beard becomes coarse which eventually gets frayed.

#2. Dyeing Beard

There are many people out there who gets gray or white beard at a very young age and it’s not cool. So people tend to dye their beard. Beard dyes includes harsh chemicals which alters the structure of beard follicles and strips down sebum oil at the same time. Using beard dye causes split ends and it does permanent damage to your beard follicles.

#3. Blow drying

When you have just washed your beard, you would love to blow dry with a dryer to make it crispy dry. But believe me it’s a devastating thing for your beard. Using a blow dryer on your beard breaks beard follicles and creates split ends, though it not affects all of it but 2-3% of your beard gets affected each time you use a dryer. And split ends spreads too, eventually your whole beard could become unhealthy look like trash.

Instead of using a blow dryer use a towel to gently dry your beard, it will not harm your beard.

#4. Using shampoos containing chemicals

Many people uses generic shampoos which are meant for hair for their beard. The chemicals in those shampoo strips down all the impurities in the beard as wanted but also sebum oil too. The oil which is required for the beard to be hydrated get completely stripped off every time you use a shampoo, it will make your beard dryer and dryer. Which causes split ends every time you use a shampoo.

Though, it’s not a very serious problem and ironically the answer is quite simple. Just use a beard shampoo instead of a generic one. These are made specifically for your beard and doesn’t contains any chemicals. These won’t cause beard split ends instead they will cure them.

Hence, these were the causes of beard split ends. And the best way to cure split ends is to reverse the caused damage. You have to apply beard oil regularly, refrain from blow drying beard, use premium beard shampoos and never dye your beard. By following these simple tips you have a huge relief from split ends.

How to cure beard split ends?

There are really good solutions for the beard split ends, let’s explore them in detail.

#1 – Trim Your Beard

The best and the easiest way to stop split ends is to trim. Split ends when trimmed will be completely gone, but there are chances that they might popup again. So, you will have to trim your beard on a regular basis. Though you need to trim only a quarter inch and you can do that on a bi monthly basis. This will ensure that split ends doesn’t start growing and spreading like wild fire.

You can use either a pair of good quality scissors meant for beard trimming or beard trimmer to trim your beard. I am emphasizing a pair of good quality scissors because using scissors which are not meant for facial hair can be devastating. Using the stationary scissor which we use for cutting paper for beard will cause nothing but split ends. As it won’t be able to precisely cut the beard follicles. On the other hand if you are using beard trimmer then there won’t be any problem.

#2 – Brushing and Combing

You might be thinking how can I cure split ends with a beard brush or comb? And the answer is it does cures split ends if used properly in the right manner. Actually if you are brushing or combing improperly or using it too many times a day, then that can lead to split ends; as the beard follicle might get frayed. So, how you use beard comb and brush will have a direct impact on split ends.

Whether to use beard comb or brush? And does choosing either causes split ends?

You can either use beard comb or brush, this choice does not causes split ends. But the type of comb or brush you choose will have a huge impact on split ends. As a thumb rule if you have short beard – beard brush is ideal for you and if you have thick and long beard – beard comb is ideal for you.

It’s important to note that you select a high quality comb, the one that is saw cut and made out of wood or rubber having really smooth edges. These qualities will avoid damage to your beard. And never go for cheap $1 plastic combs, you find on the general stores. They are mass produced and have sharp edges, they will tear the beard follicles upside down and will many problems including beard split ends.

If you are in for beard brush, then you must ensure that you opt for the one having boars or horse bristle. And as a thumb rule stay away from synthetic bristles. Boars not only prevents damage to your beard but also helps in spreading beard oil and sebum oil evenly throughout the beard.

#3 – Using premium all natural beard products

The main causes of beard split ends are lack of sebum oil, dryness, using cheap shampoos, etc. To cure all these causes you need to invest in a bunch of premium all natural beard products.

Beard oil is considered a necessity when growing beard, it will not only prevent dryness but also contribute in your beard’s nourishment and growth. Applying beard oil every day will ensure that you won’t have dry beard at all which causes beard split ends.

Beard shampoos are a significant part of the beard grooming process. Using shampoos specifically made for beard helps in the growth and nourishment of beard. Always make sure that you opt for beard shampoos. Because using the normal hair shampoos will strip away everything from your beard including sebum oil, which moisturizes the beard.

#4 – Proper diet

Many studies have proven that taking proper diet helps in hair and beard growth and vice versa. The health of your beard directly correlates to the health of your body. Those nutrients which helps our heart also helps our beard.

Vitamin C and E are very good for curing beard split ends. These vitamins helps in the increase of sebum oil production. Sebum oil hydrates the beard and prevents it from getting dried – (which eventually leads to split ends). You can find vitamin C and E in citrus foods, broccoli, almonds, peanut butter, mangoes, spinach etc. click here for top ten vitamin E rich foods. In short eat foods rich in protein and focus more on B, C and E vitamins.

#5 – Natural and Homemade ways

For every cause there are natural remedies which people are using since ages. These natural remedies will not have any side effect to your health and cure split ends, but it may take some unlike supplements.


Avocado is rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and other nutrients which helps in growing and nourishing your beard. It also hydrates your beard, solving the dry beard problem

· Mash one ripe avocado and add two table spoon of olive oil and coconut oil, start mixing until you get a creamy consistency.

· Apply this on your beard firmly and avoid the roots

· Let it stay on for at least thirty minutes

· Rinse it off and then use beard shampoo to clean the beard

· Doing this on a weekly basis will reduce beard split ends


Papaya helps in nourishing your beard and reducing split ends, it also adds shine and luster to your beard.

· Take half papaya and half a cup of yogurt

· Blend them together to make a smooth consistency

· Apply on your beard and let it stay on for at least thirty minutes

· Rinse it off and then use beard shampoo to clean it off

· Doing this on a weekly or bi-monthly basis will reduce split ends significantly


Honey possess humectant properties which retains and preserves moisture. It helps dry beard significantly and reduces split ends.

· Take two tablespoon of honey and mix it with curd

· Apply on the ends of beard follicles avoiding the roots

· Leave it on for thirty minutes

· Rinse it off and the use beard shampoo to clean it off

· Do this on a weekly basis

#6 – Supplements – This is supposed to be our last resort – if nothing works

Supplements are good at treating the problem, but they do come with side effects. So I would recommend to use them only nothing is working and you are still have split ends. There are natural ways too, that can help in treating split ends though it’s a long way and supplements seems like a working shortcut to me personally.

Vitamin B6, B12 and Biotin helps in reducing beard split ends. Vitamin B synthesize the intake of protein to create to new skin cells and hair follicles.

Hence, Vitamin B promotes thick and nourished beard which in turn reduces split ends. There are many natural sources of vitamin B like whole grains, oat meal, milk, cheese, etc. check out these 12 recipes rich in Vitamin B. And on the other side of spectrum you have products like Vita Beard, which consist high amount of B vitamins, these are really powerful but should be used in a rational manner (not taking more than 2-3 capsules per day).


Hence, this was a detailed look at the beard split ends problem.

We learned that it causes due to the following things

  • Dry beardLack of sebum oil
  • Blow drying beard
  • Dyeing beard or coloring
  • Using regular shampoos

And it can be treated by the following ways

  • Trimming the beard
  • Properly brushing or combing
  • Using all natural beard products like beard oil, balm, etc.
  • Taking proper diet
  • Using natural remedies like avocado, honey, papaya, etc.
  • Using supplements like Vita Beard – (the last resort)

If you have any suggestions on how to reduce split ends, then feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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