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DIY Beard oil – How to make beard oil at home with best beard oil recipes

Do you know that beard protects us against bacteria and infections. A study conducted on 408 males revealed that clean shaved men are three time more likely to carry bacteria then men with a beard.

And for growing a beard, beard oil is a necessity, period.

There are hundreds of beard oils available in the market right now. You get the premium ones at around $25 to $30 and the generic ones at around $10 to $15. The premium one’s comes with more than one essential oils and uses good beard oil recipes.

On an average a person with medium beard needs five (30 ml each) bottles of beard oil each year. You are likely to spend around $75 or $150 for generic and premium oils respectively per year.

On the flip side if you make your own beard oil you will save quite a lot of money. We need two main things our beard oil recipe – carrier oils and essential oils.

The cost of the carrier oils on an average is around $15 for 120 ml bottle, this ingredient makes up to 90% of the oil.
So, the main cost is of carrier oil only. Essential oils comes at around $10 per bottle of 30 ml, which will last you throughout the year.
As you will only need a few drops in our beard oil recipe. Let’s add $20 for miscellaneous expenses like empty bottles, transfer tubes, etc. In the end you can get your own personalized beard oil for $40 or $45 per year.

Making beard oil is extremely easy, you just put carrier oils and essential oils in the same bottle and mix them, and guess what – it’s done. Now let’s explore the process of creating your own beard oil at home in a detailed manner, I will show you exactly step by step how you can do it at home.

​What ingredients do we need in our beard oil recipe?

There are only two main ingredients – Carrier oils and essential oils.

Carrier Oils

As I had mentioned earlier also, the proportion of carrier oils is around 90% in most of the beard oil recipes. There are many carrier oils which can be used in our beard oil, but the most ideal are the ones which are all natural and provides a lot of moisture to our skin and beard.

The most popular carrier oils used in beard oils are Moroccan Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Grape seed oil. Now let’s explore each of them in detail.

Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan oil is sourced from the nuts of fruit of the Argan tree found specifically in Morocco. It is being used in culinary and cosmetic industry since ages. In morocco it is used for dipping bread, on pasta, salads, etc.

Argan oil is also used in many of the cosmetic products these days. Argan oil is advocated as the king of moisture in the cosmetic industry. It has got terrific moisturizing abilities which prevents beard ruff and beard itch and at the same time nourishes your hair.

While selecting Argan oil or any oil for that matter, always make sure that you purchase the unprocessed version.

Jojoba Oil

Source: http://whatwomanneeds.com/jojoba-oil-uses-for-skin-and-hair-care/

Jojoba oil is found in the nuts of the fruit of the Jojoba plant found in southern Arizona, southern California and northwestern Mexico.

Jojoba oil is used in cosmetic products those are marketed as all natural products.

It being currently used in cosmetic products such as lotions, moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners, beard oils, etc.

Grapeseed Oil

Source: http://whatwomanneeds.com/jojoba-oil-uses-for-skin-and-hair-care/

It’s sourced by pressing the seeds of grapes. Making it an abundant by product of wine-making. It is being used in cooking, cosmetic and medical industry currently.

In cosmetic industry it is preferred due to its ability to control moisture of the skin. And the oil is light and thin it leaves a glossy film over the skin after applying it.

As it’s it a byproduct and there’s not much scarcity of this oil – the price is relatively cheaper than Argan oil. As Argan oil is just found just in morocco and the extraction is done by hands, though many attempts have been made in automating the process but none of them have worked properly which can be at par with the quality of hand extracted Argan oil.

Thumb rule while selecting carrier oil for your beard oil recipe

  • For dry skin – Argan oil is the best choice – as it’s the king of moisture.
  • For oily skin – Jojoba oil is the best choice – Jojoba oil is very similar to our skins sebum oil.
    For people with oily skin, the problem is that their skin is producing more sebum oil than it’s required.
    When you apply jojoba oil it regulates the production of sebum oil and in turn help you with your oily skin.

Things you can't forget 

  1. The process of extraction of the oil matters. Make sure that the bottle is manufactured using cold pressing technique. Because it’s the best process where most of the nutrients stays in the bottle. In other processes the derived nutrients are lost in the process of extraction.
  2. The bottle is amber in color.
    Amber color is best in preventing UV rays from entering and harming the nutrients of the oil.
  3. Store the excess carrier oil in a cool dry place to increase the shelf life. Just store them in the fridge, don’t worry if it becomes solid as it will get easily melted and will have no effect to your oil at all.

Essential Oils for our beard oil recipe

Essential oil is a concentrated liquid containing the aroma and essence of the plant in the form of oil. Essential oil not only provides flabbergasting aroma but also possess skin and hair benefits.

Different oil have different benefits. There are literally hundreds of essential oils available out there, it’s really hard to find the good ones that we like. You want the oils which have mind blowing aroma that you personally like and at the same time solve the problems which you have like acne, beard itch, beard ruff, patchy beard, etc.

The key to solve this problem is to get a starter pack of around 12 or 14 bottles. These companies offers their best of the best oils in sample of 5 ml, in this way you can experiment a variety of oils and find the one that suits you perfectly.

Fabulous Frannie
Essential Oils

Eden Gardens Essential Oils

Tools we will need to prepare beard oil

Amber bottles – You will need these bottles to store the beard oil.

Pack of 12 1oz or 30 ml amber bottles with dropper

Eye Dropper - You will need the eye dropper to mix different essential oils and also after creating the beard oil, you will need this to apply the oil.
The amber bottles which are recommended above comes with an eye dropper, most of them do. Hence no need to purchase it differently.

​Transfer Pipette - This is a crucial tool, we will need this for experimenting with different essential oils.

If we use only one eye dropper in all the essential oils the scent will infiltrate each other. To avoid this we need different pipette for each of the different bottles we have. They are very cheap, you can get a pack of 100 pipettes for $5.

Pack of 100 plastic transfer pipette of 3 ml

Measuring Cylinder – In these cylinders we can easily measure and mix the oils.

Set of 3 Graduated cylinder - 10, 50 and 100 ml

These, are all the tools we need for our beard oil recipe.

The process of creating beard oil

It is an art to find the perfect beard oil recipe which not only have a pleasant aroma but at the same time provides your skin and beard benefits. The key here is the perfect blend of oils which together creates synergy effect.

Step 1 – According to your beard oil recipe, pour the respective amount of carrier oil by measuring through the cylinder in the amber bottle.

Step 2 – It’s time to add essential oils. Use one of the transfer pipette and pour the required amount of drops of essential oils according to the recipe. Remember to use different pipette for each of the essential oils.

Step 3 – Close the bottle perfectly and shake it well. This will mix the essential and carrier oils totally. And finally your custom beard oil is ready to be applied.


Hence this was the ultimate guide on creating beard oil at home. Hope now you can create the beard oil at home and save some extra money.