Which one should I choose Beard Comb or Beard Brush?

It’s a really simple thing, people had make it unnecessarily complex. Beard brushes are used to just keep your beard follicles together and to make them look together. While on the other hand beard combs are used for styling beard and making it look uniform.

What is Beard Comb?

Beard comb is strip of narrow teeth made up of wood, plastic, metal or rubber used for untangling or arranging facial hair. There are many types of combs available in the market but the best beard comb in the market right now are usually made up of wood or rubber.

While selecting beard comb you need to take care of these three things more importantly.

  • Primary material
  • Teeth
  • Brand
  1. Primary Material – There are many materials in the market from which beard combs are prepared like plastic, metal, wood, rubber, etc. But the best ones to use are either rubber or wood.

    Wood is very popular these days in beard combs, on one hand it looks modern and sexy and on the other hand it possess anti-static properties which makes it an ideal choice.

    Rubber is also very popular, but you might be getting a little bit confused by rubber. Actually they are made up of cellulose acetate, Kent combs (one of the best in the market) are made up of rubber only. They are really smooth and have well rounded edges and anti-static too. Once again a really good choice.

    One thing you need to take care while selecting is that never go for a cheap $1 or $2 plastic comb, it will tear you beard upside down and do permanent damage to your beard.

    Make this as a thumb rule never go for a cheap $2 mass produced comb, always opt for a premium beard comb.
  2. Teeth – This is a very crucial point and don’t take it lightly. You need to ensure that the comb you have selected doesn’t have very pointed teeth ends, this can really harm your beard. We need the end of the teeth to be perfectly rounded and smooth so it can easily slide in and out of the beard.

    Another important point is that combs come with wide and narrow teeth – Which one do I choose? I would highly suggest you to go for the comb which have both wide and narrow teeth.

    The narrow teeth will help when you have thin beard or when you need to style your long beard very precisely on the flip side the wide teeth will help when you have thick beard.
  3. Brand – This is a very common point but people tend to miss it when buying online. It’s a very simple thing – just make sure that you are buying from a well reputed brand which is expert in making beard related products like Kent, Beard Brand, etc.

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What is beard brush?

A beard brush is a stick brush with bristles used for styling, smoothing and de-tangling hair.

Just like beard combs beard brushes also come with plastic bristle. But it’s a really bad brush for your beard it will harm the beard badly, just make sure that you never get your hands on any of those cheap plastic bristle brush.

The best bristle in the world for beard is boar’s natural hair bristle. I might warn you on this – it’s sourced directly from animal and we are basically using their hair as our bristle. So if you not comfortable in using these than you can go for horse hairs bristle.

The main benefit of using boars bristle is that it’s a natural conditioner. Before hair conditioners were found, people used boars as their primary conditioner. It has got a unique ability to absorb sebum oil (which is created by our skin) and distribute it over the beard evenly. In this way your beard will always be moisturized.

Which one should I choose Beard comb or Beard brush?

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Now, let’s take a look at five points and see which one is better comb or brush?

  1. Detangling – For detangling purposes beard comb is better than beard brush. But it’s only applied to those who have long beard because short beards don’t get tangled at all.
  2. Styling - For styling also beard comb is better than brush. But this also only applies to people with long beards. Because short beard wouldn’t require comb or brush for styling, your hand is more than enough for that.

    But for long beards, after applying wax if you want to style the beard properly beard comb will do a much better job at that. And after that you can use the brush for giving a subtle natural look. But for the most part beard comb is just like a necessity.
  3. Beard softening – Beard brushes clearly win this. As discussed above beard brushes which have boars bristle have an inherent tendency to absorb sebum oil and distribute evenly throughout the beard. This will give you an awesome soft beard.
  4. Cleaning beard – As your beard grows longer and longer, you will start noticing that it starts collecting dust and dirt. To clear the dust, beard brush will do a killer job. It will clean your beard inside out.
  5. Applying beard oil – You can apply beard oil by your fingers, but it will not evenly distribute the oil throughout the beard. Here and there some spots will be left. The best solution to this problem is beard brush, the boars bristle helps in distributing the oil evenly throughout the beard. Hence here beard brush is a clear winner.

So, this was complete difference between beard brush and beard comb.

When should I use beard comb and beard brush?

At what stage of my beard growing process shall I use beard comb and beard brush?

For the first four to five months, beard brush is good for you. Because till this point you won’t have that much of a long beard, so beard comb won’t make much sense for you.

After five to six months, you will need a beard comb for styling and detangling beard hair. Beard brush won’t be enough so beard comb will become a necessity after five to six months. It is also advised to use the best hair clippers for men to style your beard as per your liking. 


I hope after reading this article you are now able to decide which one to choose beard brush or beard comb.

So, in short we learned two things.

  1. In the first stages of your beard growth opt for beard brush and in latter part (after five to six months) opt for beard comb.
  2. When choosing a beard comb make sure it is of wood or rubber, have fine rounded teeth ends and is of a well reputed brand. And when choosing a beard brush opt for natural boars bristle.

If you are still in doubt, buy both beard and brush. Because both will help in your beard grooming process.

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