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How to make beard balm in your kitchen without professional equipments

Today, you will learn to create beard balm in your kitchen using natural beard balm recipe. It’s very simple and easy to create once you have the ingredients, recipe and the instructions. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What ingredients do we need to get started?

You will need 4 main things to get started

  1. Wax
  2. Spreading agent
  3. Essential Oils
  4. Carrier Oils


It is required to make the balm act as a styling agent and increase the stiffness of the balm. It will give your balm the balmy texture.

Source - http://honeyfanatic.com/2817/beeswax-uses/

There are hundreds of waxes available in the market, so which one should I choose?

The most used wax in beard balm recipes across the world is Beeswax.
It is produced naturally by the bees, so there are no chemicals in it. Beeswax never expires, making it an ideal choice.

Beeswax is being used more and more these days in the skin care and cosmetics industry. Recently a German study has found that beeswax is superior than many mineral oil based creams like petroleum jelly. Beeswax is used in hundreds of skin care products like lip balms, lip gloss, mustache wax, etc.

A fun fact – Beeswax is also used in cheese, it is actually applied as a layer on the top of cheese to protect it against spoilage.

There are three types of beeswax white, yellow and absolute. Yellow beeswax is the natural one, white is bleached yellow beeswax and the absolute beeswax is formed by mixing with alcohol. For our beard balm recipe we are going with the yellow beeswax – The natural one.

Beeswax is available in two types of forms in the market – Bars and Pellets. I recommend to go with yellow (natural) bars. Because it’s quite easy to play with bars and you can get it in really small quantity. If this is your first time in preparing homemade beard balm, than you should definitely go with bars.

Don't Overuse Beeswax

Important – Beeswax is not the most significant ingredient in our beard balm recipe, so don’t overuse it. It’s just a secondary ingredient used with essential and carrier oils. If you overuse it, it will make your balm very stiff and not ideal to use.

Spreading Agent - Shea Butter

It is required to make our beard balm smooth and easy to spread on the beard. It helps in melting and getting the balm absorbed in the beard follicles.

Mostly people use natural brittle butters in cosmetic industry as a spreading agent. There are many butters like cocoa butter, kokum butter, etc. But the most popular is Shea butter.

Shea butter is all natural and there are no chemicals in it. It is created from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea tree found in Africa. It is being used in Africa since centuries for improving skin and hair. Shea butter melts at body temperature, which helps our balm in getting absorbing rapidly in the beard follicles.

Shea butter is also available in many different types. But while selecting Shea butter for the beard balm recipe make sure its natural, unrefined, unbleached, Grade A and organic

Essential Oils​

The main reason for using essential oils in the balm is to add scent. The other ingredients like butter, wax and carrier oils have very subtle scent where essential oils have very strong scent. Essential oils are used in a very small amount due to its very strong scents, just a few drops will make your balm smell awesome.

Essential oils are extracted by various processes from plants. It is pure, natural and organic. They are derived from different parts of plants like bark, leaves, seeds, roots, wood, flowers, etc.

There are literally hundreds of essential oils available in the market. The key is to mix two or three different flavors and create your own unique style and scent. These oils actually have their own benefits like treating acne or making your hair shiny, etc. So you can select the oil according to your needs and personal choice of the scent.

Let’s explore the top 3 essential oils you can use in your beard balm recipe

Peppermint Oil

It has an extremely strong fresh mint smell as it has high quantities (35% - 45%) of menthol in it. It will give you a cooling sensation when applying it to your beard.

The main benefits of peppermint oil are –

  • Reduces beard itch
  • Helps in curing acne with its anti-microbial properties
  • It helps in beard growth, making it more thick and nourishes damaged hair

Rosewood Oil

It is extracted from the wood of Aniba rosaeodora. It has a very mild and sweet scent of rosewood to it. It acts as an antidepressant, due to its magnificent aroma.

It helps in rejuvenating skin and keeping it young and healthy. It can also be used in treatment of wrinkles.

Cedarwood Oil

It is extracted from the woods of cedar. It has a very strong woodsy smell.

Source: http://www.newhealthadvisor.com/Essential-Oils-for-Hair-Growth.html

It helps in hair growth, beard itch, and beardruff. Due to its strong aroma it is considered as a natural deodorizer.

Hence, these were the top 3 essential oils explained in brief.
But there are hundreds of available out there and you can experiment quite a few to find the one which you like the most.
The easiest way to do it is to get a pack of starter essential oils kit, it contains like ten or twenty different flavors of oils but in small quantities (more than enough for us because we need just a few drops for our balm).

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Carrier Oils

This is the main ingredient in our beard balm recipe. It will help in moisturizing your beard and gives it the essential nutrients.

There are many different carrier oils available in the market but the most popular ones are jojoba oil, argan oil and sweet almond oil. They each have their own benefits and uses. It completely depends your personal choice in deciding which oil to use. You can also use a combination of two or more oils to make your very own and unique balm.

Top 3 best carrier oils for your beard balm recipe

Argan Oil (For dry skin)

It is extracted from argan tree found in Morocco. Moroccans have been using argan oil to treat skin diseases and oil for hair and skin care for ages.

It is often called as a moisturizing oil, as it is extremely good at moisturizing the skin. If you have dry skin this can be the best choice for you. It also helps in treating acne and nourishing hair.

While selecting argan oil make sure that you go for all natural and unrefined version.

Jojoba Oil (For oily skin)

It is extracted from the jojoba plant mainly found in southern Arizona, southern California and northern Mexico. Jojoba oil is used in many different cosmetic products such as moisturizers, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, etc.

Source: http://whatwomanneeds.com/jojoba-oil-uses-for-skin-and-hair-care/

It is very good for you if you have oily skin, surprisingly it is the only oil which helps in treating oily skin. It also helps in controlling acne. It helps in treating dry hair and beardruff.

Sweet almond oil

It is extracted from almond which is found in Middle East, North Africa and South Asia

The most significant benefit of using sweet almond oil is it makes your skin smooth and flawless. It also helps in controlling hair loss, making your beard shiny and treating beard rashes.

Hence these were the top three carrier oils explained in brief. As a thumb rule keep in mind that these two things while selecting the best carrier oil for your beard balm recipe

  1. For dry skinArgan oil is the best
  2. For oily skinJojoba oil is the best

If you are just getting started you can get a pack of like 5 or 10 different essential oils in small amount to experiment and find which one suits you the most according to your personal needs.

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Amber Colored bottles are best

While selecting the carrier oil make sure that the color of the bottle is amber, as it prevents the harmful UV rays from entering in the bottle. It will protect all the nutrients of the oil. Make sure that you don’t select a bottle which has transparent glass or plastic.

One more thing you need to take care while selecting carrier oil is that it was manufactured using the process called Cold Pressing. It is the only process in which most the nutrients present in the oils still remain in it after packaging it in to the bottle. In other processes most of the nutrients gets evaporated till the time it reaches in to the bottle.

Hence, these are ingredients of our beard balm recipe. Get all these four ingredients so that we can get started in creating our beard balm.

Which tools do we need to start creating the beard balm?

You will need the following tools:

  1. A simple pot or pan – It will be used in mixing all the ingredients and heating it up.
  2. Kitchen scale - It will be used in accurately measuring each of the ingredients we are going to use.
  3. Empty Containers - This is where we are going to store our beard balm. You can get a set of 5 or 10 of these empty containers on Amazon, check it out here.If you have all these tools and ingredients, let’s start creating the beard balm.

If you have all these tools and ingredients, let’s start creating the beard balm.

How to create beard balm? Step by step guide

Step 1 – Take the beeswax and Shea butter and add it in to your pan. Start heating your pan at a very low level of heat. Because we don’t want to boil the mixture, if it gets boiled it will lose all its aroma and nutrients. So make sure that you heat at a very low level.

Simply keep stirring while it’s being heated.

Step 2 – As soon as you see the mixture melting, get focused. Again we don’t want it to get boiled.

When the mixture is transformed completely in to liquid state, turn off the heat and take the pan away from the gas stove (do it quickly).

Step 3 – Now it’s time to add the essential and carrier oils. Make sure the mixture is still in the liquid form, then add these oils. After adding stir the mixture for about half a minute.

Step 4 – Pour the mixture in the empty containers and leave it overnight. Then you are good to go with your homemade beard balm the next morning.

Hence these was the ultimate guide in creating your own beard balm at home. Hope you found it useful, now I have one question for you.

Which is the best beard balm recipe that you have tried and you were flabbergasted?

 Let me know in the comments section below.