Hi, my name is Aaron and I am the editor in chief at Dashing Gent. The main goal of Dashing Gent is to help you groom a breathtaking beard using all natural ways.

It’s estimated that over 33% of American males have facial hair, beard grooming is wildly popular.

Dashing Gent was started to give you tips on beard grooming and styling in the easiest possible way that makes real impact.

​There are many sites which fails at giving actionable advice. I made a commitment to provide actionable steps to grow a healthy beard.

I wanted Dashing Gent to be different. I only recommend using natural ways to groom, in this way you will eventually be able to grow a perfect, healthy, nourished beard. Using chemically infused products surely makes the growing process faster, but it harms your health in the long run.​

My story

My beard journey started about a year ago, that’s when I decided to grow beard for the first time. At first I thought for growing, all I had to do was to let it grow.

Soon after like a month of not shaving or trimming, I had grown myself a beard. But the problem was that it was rough and dry, it started to itch.

I went online and started researching and found by using beard oil all my problems will be solved. I started using one and kept growing my beard for the next year.

Now, I have a really good beard. I only use natural products and recommend them only. My main goal is to help newbies help grow their beard and solve their beard problems.

Contact Us

If you have any doubts or queries feel free to contact me.